About Us


The Hope and Friendship Metastatic Breast Cancer Foundation was started by Heather, a Nurse Practitioner in Northeastern Massachusetts. Treated with mastectomy, chemotherapy and radiation for Stage IIB Breast Cancer in 2004, Heather was diagnosed with Metastatic(Stage IV)Breast Cancer, the terminal form of the disease, in 2008.

Heather attended a Metastatic Breast Cancer support group that helped her greatly with the prognosis, feeling less isolated and alone, and finding new activities to look forward to. This group was far away and Heather found there was a real need for a Metastatic Breast Cancer support group closer to home. With help, Heather started the Hope and Friendship Stage IV Metastatic Breast Cancer Support Group in October 2010.

The support group continues to be a blessing to those with the disease.  Meetings with new friends are looked forward to by the members, as are new and exciting activities.  Members learn together how to live each day to the fullest while facing the future together.

The Hope and Friendship Metastatic Breast Cancer Foundation was established in November 2012 to provide financially for the support group meetings, provide scholarships to conferences and unique activities, offer stipends for those traveling across the country for clinical trials and enhance the lives of those living with the disease.  In addition, researchers in the field of Metastatic Breast Cancer will be supported.

The foundation applied for and received non-profit status in November, 2012, volunteer board members came forward and fundraising began.